Our company is headquartered in Hyderabad and are amongst the reputed warehousing and logistics companies in India providing 3PL
We provide solutions that will drive value for your business by understanding your business and logistics needs, based on current and future needs. We provide dedicated and shared warehousing and logistics operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers. Our commitment to provide value, while seeking continuous improvement within our customer’s supply chain, makes us the logical choice for companies. Our geographical spread along with a willingness to expand, help us provide you solutions and services, wherever you need us.

Our Company :

At AWLPL, we’ve made it our mission to provide exceptional logistics solutions and services for our customers –
Leverage our core services – warehousing, transportation, – for single-source integrated logistics solutions. Our extensive resources ensure flexibility and optimal performance:
• More than 200 experienced associates
• Vertical market expertise – Paints, Lubricants, Tyres , Beds ,food, electrical, and more
• Over 4 lakh square feet of warehouse space
• Multiple strategic locations nationwide
• Advanced technology

Count on us for personal attention and responsiveness. For more than 30 years, our company has provided outstanding service for all our customers – manufacturers, distributors, retailers etc. We’ll go out of our way to customize third-party logistics solutions to meet your toughest business challenges.

  • Our Vision is to build an Industry renowned company around our values  and do challenging and gigantic projects in Warehousing and supply chain industry so that we touch atleast a 10 million people directly through our services  and make their lives better in some special way.
  • Our  Mission by 2020 is
  • To train , skill and employ a workforce of 1000 associates
  • To manage warehousing area of 1 million sqft
  • To enter more value addition services for our clients in Manufacturing, Outsourced Distribution /packing and Other services
  • To have operations PAN India
  • We believe in any service sector the performance of the company is rooted in its culture which again is a product of the companies value system.
  • Each and every employee of the company . Be it a picker who picks the material to a Team leader of the warehouse every employee lives the value system. Afterall it is they who interact with our clients 95% of the time.