Our Belief’s


 ” Team that deliver “

Welcome to Arun Warehousing and Logistics PVT LTD.

Formerly Arun Enterprises and Arun Logistics. Providing C & F and 3PL Services to leading brands.

1. Deliver continuous improvement in quality of service :  because excellence is a continuous journey. And we understand that service benchmarks are constantly upgraded to in increasingly competitive market places.

2. Build trust, open and honest Relationships : Because TRUST is the most important currency we would like to earn. Our clients vest us with great responsibilities and each of us understands the value of trust and keep this in mind in every action or challange we face.

3. Pursue Growth and learning : We believe that only when each and every member of our team grows and learns and acquires skills, only then we can provide great client satisfaction and achieve Results.

4. Creating TEAMWORK and GReat Working atmosphere : We believe more than experience or talent , what is important is that we work as a team, and make sure everyone is on board.

5. Be Creative and open minded : We believe that sometimes challenge can be overcome by being creative and finding out of the box solutions. We have to constanly get inspired by ideas not just from warehousing industry but also from other industies like manufacturing or hospitality in creating a great customer experience.

6. Do more with less :Budget and resources should never be a reason for not delivering quality , We have to learn new ways of doing more with less. Giving great value for money to clients and also reducing wastage and finding smarter solutions.

7. Recruiting and Retaining PASSIONATE and POSITIVE Teammembers : WE need to find the right manpower, people who are passionate , and people who take challenges positively and feel coming to work is an opportunity to learn and grow. Our Industry is very demanding , unless our teammembers are postive and passionate about the work, we will not be delivering excellence and drive continuous improvements.

8. Be Transparent and humble : We believe that we should be transparent in every aspect. Only through transparency there is potential for improvements. Also we know that there are a lot of experts and great people who could teach us more only if we are humble enough to recognize that.

9. INTEGRITY OF EVERY TRANSACTION : We believe in integrity big time, not just moral integrity , but Scientific integrity of every transaction in our warehouses. What happens physically must match with system data and also records.