Why we are in business

We are passionate in running warehouses, there is something about it that makes us feel we are in a disney land when we are at work.

It excites us to be a partner with leading world brands as well as emerging domestic players in india

Today operating warehousing has become a science in itself, there is a lot of Interesting technologies which are adopted, world class processes and technologies are utilized like : WMS , SAP FIFO, FORCASTING, PULL , TPS we life to

The People Factor: we feel we are Blessed to be in service industry where we add value not just to clients but also our employees who are trained and polished to understand what goes on in todays supply chain and corporate process and making them more valued human beings

Scalability and endless potential : We have grown quite amazingly in the last few years and we see there is a tremendous scope in scaling up things as our partners ( clients grow) and Warehouses are becoming one of the most important parts.